Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Steering open source development

So far, steering the development of Task Coach has been very easy. Since I'm basically the only developer and it's a hobby project that I work on after hours, I've been adding functionality that I thought would be a good idea to add. Judging from reactions by users and on websites I think I did pick valuable features most of the time so far.

However, the list of feature requests has been growing much faster than I have been able to develop them. So, unless I get more people to work on Task Coach, I need to prioritize between features. I have been thinking about different possible ways to do that:
  • Developing a release plan with a different focus per release. For example, the focus for a 1.0 release could be to add all functionality that would make Task Coach a full fledged stand-alone task manager. Then the 2.0 release could focus on integrating Task Coach with e-mail and calendar software (e.g. using vCal).
  • Letting people vote on features. Features with the most votes get implemented first. Unfortunately, Source Forge doesn't support anything like this, as far as I know.
  • Donation driven development. The features that gets the most donations is implemented first.
Maybe a combination of the above could work too. I'll have to ponder this issue some more.


Technogeekboy said...

I like the idea of a release plan, addressing the major areas of development one at a time. For instance, as you mention, integration with other apps. Other categories could be Look and Feel, Task Behaviors, Automation, Views, etc.

However I also like the idea of user voting. Maybe users could vote on the release plan and determine which directions to go in first?

Stani said...

Voting for feature requests (blueprints) is being developed in launchpad but not yet released. said...

Great App and really look forward to seeing developments.

I like the idea of feature voting or even donation based feature bidding, I for one would be more than happy to donate for calender integration. Or even just a calendar view.

Thanks again for all the work.