Wednesday, September 20, 2006

About this blog

Software development is fun and hard at the same time. This blog discusses my experience with developing an open source desktop application called Task Coach. Task Coach is a task manager that supports hierarchical tasks, budget and time registration, categories, and more. For me, Task Coach is also a vehicle to experiment with software development, tools, and techniques. For example, I try to use test-driven development to steer the development of the software. So far, I like the way test-driven development allows me to add new functionality in a safe and gradual manner. I also like how having an extensive set of automated unit tests (+/- 1700 at the moment, that run in about 30 seconds) allows me to refactor the source code without (too much) fear of seriously breaking the application. Anyway, the plan is to use this blog to talk about ideas about software development, and as much as possible, discuss experience with applying this ideas to Task Coach.


Slavko said...

I find joy in using your task manager because I am humbled by conflicting demands on my time.

Jhonny D. Cano - Colombia said...

Request feature

The program is good, however, I'd like to set a task as repetitive in various frequencies; Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly

Frank said...

Hi jhonny, you're not the only one: repeating tasks is one of the features that is requested most. I am currently working on it.

Cheers, Frank

beyourself said...

I am currently working as a project leader for a set of software applications, and I really appreciate your blog. I also want to say thanks for some great software as well as insight into its development.